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About C. D. Northern....

As a photographer, I always remember two things: ‘See what is, and what could be’ and ‘To see out, one must look within’. These philosophies have served me well, both in life and in creating images. When I decided to create this site, and sell my photographs I knew it would be a soul-searching experience. I am very often my own worst critic, and trying to determine which images to share with the world is indeed very difficult. This is why my site is somewhat unusual. I do not sell ‘prints’, and I don’t offer 300 of my latest vacation photos. I humbly offer a slice of my soul as represented by a select few pieces of my art. Rest assured this format will not change; the exclusivity offered here will always be a core part of the purchasing experience. Indeed, the acquisition process will be a very private and tailored experience with direct interaction with me, the photographer.

I live in an eastern outer suburb of Atlanta, with my wife and family. By day I am a Software Engineer for a manufacturing company. My hobbies include photography – obviously, computers, astronomy, electronics theory and repair, R/C helicopters, and fun cars. My current camera gear consists mainly of Pentax bodies and Sigma lenses with lots of obscure equipment used for specific tasks.

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