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The purchasing process is somewhat unique to this site. With a purchase of this magnitude, I feel it would be a disservice to push everyone through an online shopping cart. We’ll save that experience for buying dorm-room posters from Wal-Mart. Instead, this will be a very personal experience not unlike that of old (or before the internet anyway). We will exchange information as people, not machines. Two people who are free to discuss any possibility and that are not bound by the rules of a prepackaged cart like that of other online stores. We have a blank piece of paper, and anything can be the result! Do you want your purchase cropped and framed into a 46”x12” panorama? Would you like a gold trimmed oak frame with glare free glass? Is it possible to get that image in Black and White (this can be done, but only for specific pieces subject to my interpretation)? All of this is possible! But there is a dark side. All is not well in the land of the custom order. The price for this freedom is a lack of instant gratification. I know! It’s a high price to pay… Anonymity too, is lost in this process. No longer can you sit behind a dimly lit keyboard and expect overnight delivery from merely hitting ‘Buy Now’. So I am afraid we are going to have to communicate. Pretend this is an adventure in the 1930’s, where you come into my shop to discuss a piece of art…

Samples are available for $25. These are perfect for comparing colors (interior decorators love this feature!), and inispecting the quality of the paper. All samples will be 5x7 with a large watermark across the face. The $25 sample price will be deducted from the purchase price upon order confirmation.

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